Drawing and Illustration Studio

  • From point A to point B
  • Pen bullying
  • Studio of noise cross-hatching
  • Thinking by drawing: From autonomous drawing to illustration and back
  • Drawing vs drawing (result vs activity)
  • Drawing as a foundation for other art techniques

The aim of this course is to create an environment for experimental approach, open search for new possibilities and finding suitable sollutions through playing. Students will explore the medium of drawing and signature and contemplate it in the context of contemporary art. The course will develop thinking via drawing, refine the line, challenge traditional ideas and widen the scope of possibilities. Primarily, the focus will be placed on developing drawing skills with individual approach to unique talents and ambitions of students. In lectures and tutorials, students gain an overview of illustration and author publications. Basic drawing skills are expected, but not required.

David Böhm

8.500 CZK