About Scholastika

Scholastika is a private school offering studies on visual communication at College and at public Art Courses. We are based in Prague, Vinohrady, near the pearls of brutalist architecture - the Transgas building.

You can study 14 semester courses or a three-year degree program about Product, Graphic or Motion design. The school is here for anyone who wants to get to know art and design in practice.

The study offer responds to the general absence of practice training that integrates the latest technological and industrial trends. Professional teachers were supported by renowned designers and artists from both the domestic and international scene.

Since its foundation in 2012, the school has received a wide range of awards (for example, the DesignBloc 2015 Award for School Presentation). Scholastika was founded by Evžen Šimera and Ondřej Brody, classmates from the Academy of Fine Arts.

“Scholastica's goal is to bring art and design closer to the general public. We have been developing the school for a long time as an alternative learning environment where you will learn the theory of art in practice under professional guidance."