Stanovy Spolku

Scholastika, z.s. STANOVY SPOLKU

I. Opening Statements

  1. Name of the association: Scholastika, z. s. (further, just „Scholastika”).
  2. Association headquarters: Praha 7 - Holešovice, Schnirchova 662/22, PSČ 170 00

II. Statute IMP

  1. Scholastika is a voluntary independent association bringing together its members on the basis of a common interest.

lII. Purpose of operation

  1. The purpose of Scholastika’s operation is in particular;
    a) Developing, deepening and promoting independent art education based on dialogue between pupil and teacher, monitoring the current state of art and design theory and developing the necessary production skills of Scholastika members,
    b) Providing a platform for the realisation of members’ own artistic projects, however bold they may be,
    c) Creating an alternative to the classical education system in art and design open to all those interested in active artistic creation.
    1. Scholastika achieves this purpose by developing a community of members interested in pursuing its goals, by organising lectures, exhibitions and conferences, by providing a space for creative activity and dialogue, by developing national and international cooperation with interest organisations sharing a similar focus, and by cooperating with public administration and European Union bodies.

IV. IMP Membership

  1. Membership in Scholastika is open to persons and legal entities that agree to the statutes, general terms and conditions and the purpose of Scholastika.
  2. Membership commences on the date of acceptance as a member, after the application form has been duly completed, the reservation fee and the course fee (membership fee) have been paid and the membership form has been signed.
  3. There are two types of membership:
    a) organisational members are involved in the long-term management of Scholastika and ensure the prerequisites for its functioning
    b) Student members do not have the right to make decisions at the membership meeting and only participate in the activities of Scholastika as determined by the Board of Members or committee.
  4. Admission as a member of Scholastika shall be decided by the Committee on the basis of a written application, no later than at its next meeting. The Committee shall also decide, in accordance with the application, whether the applicant is to be granted an organisational or student membership.
  5. Proof of membership shall be in the form of a signed membership form.
  6. Membership is terminated with the:
    a) withdrawal of a member by written notice to the Committee,
    b) cancellation of membership by decision of the Board of Members in the event that the member’s actions were in violation of the Scholastika Statutes,
    c) dissolution of the association,
    d) death of the member,
    e) expulsion at the discretion of the Committee in the event of failure to pay the membership fee (course fees) for more than five (5) working days after being asked to pay.
    f) in the case of student members who have been admitted as members for a fixed period (one semester), membership shall also expire on the completion of the period for which they were admitted as members.

V. Rights and Obligations of Scholastika Organisational Members

  1. An organisational member of Scholastika has the right to:
    a) to participate in the activities and fulfilment of the purpose of Scholastika,
    b) to elect and be elected to the bodies of Scholastika,
    c) attend and vote at the membership meeting,
    d) to address the Scholastika bodies with suggestions and comments and to ask for their opinion.
  2. An organisational member of Scholastika has the duty to:
    a) abide by the Statutes of Scholastica,
    b) take care of the reputation of Scholastika and act in such a way that his/her actions do not cause damage or other harm to Scholastika,
    c) to participate in the activities arising from the purpose of Scholastika,
    d) conscientiously perform the functions in the bodies of Scholastika.
  3. Organisational members may be required to pay membership fees in accordance with the decision of the Committee in the amount and due date specified in the decision of the Committee.

VI. Rights and obligations of student members of Scholastika

  1. The membership of a student member shall always be for a fixed period (one semester of courses), based on the period specified in the application form and subsequently approved by the Committee upon acceptance as a member. As part of the application form, the prospective member shall also indicate which educational services he/she is interested in using. If accepted as a member, the Committee shall further confirm to the student member which educational services he/she is entitled to use.
  2. A student member of Scholastika has the right to:
    a) to participate in the activities and fulfilment of the purpose of Scholastika,
    b) attend events, Scholastika classes (as per their application form and committee confirmation) and other activities unless attendance by Student Members is specifically excluded by decision of the Committee or Board of Members,
    c) address the Scholastika authorities with suggestions and comments and ask for their opinion.
  3. A student member of Scholastika has the duty to:
    a) to abide by the statutes of Scholastika,
    b) dbát o dobré jméno Scholastiky a počínat si tak, aby svým jednáním nezpůsobil
    Scholastice škodu nebo jinou újmu,
    c) to participate in the fulfilment of the activities arising from the purpose of the Scholastika, if he/she commits himself/herself to completing these tasks, to conscientiously perform functions in the bodies of the Scholastika.
    d) Student members of Scholastika are obliged to pay membership fees to Scholastika set by decision of the committee of the association. The information about the amount and due date of the membership fee shall be communicated by an authorised member of the Scholastika Committee to the respective Scholastika member or prospective member.

VII. Scholastika Authorities

  1. The bodies of Scholastika consist of a Committee and Board of Members.

VIII. Scholastika Comitee

  1. The statutory body of Scholastica is the Committee. The Committee shall be accountable for its activities to the Board of Members.
  2. The Scholastika Committee is composed of three members, the term of office of the Committee is two years, automatically renewed for another two-year term, unless otherwise decided upon the proposal of one of the Committee members.
  3. The members of the Committee shall be elected or removed by the Board of Members of Scholastika at their meeting.
  4. In the event that the number of committee members falls below three, the committee shall convene a meeting of the Board of members to elect a replacement committee member for the remainder of its term. In the event that the Committee fails to call a meeting to elect a replacement Committee member, the election shall take place at the next meeting of the Board of members.
  5. The Committee shall organise and manage the activities of Scholastika in the period between the meetings of the Board of Members in accordance with the tasks entrusted to it by the Board.
  6. The Committee decides on the following Scholastika matters:
    a) elects from among its members a chairman and two vice-chairmen, no more than one of whom may hold the same office,
    b) calls a meeting of the Board of Members at least two weeks before the meeting and prepares the documents for its decision-making,
    c) informs the members of Scholastika about upcoming events and the running of Scholastika,
    d) decides on the admission of new members,
    e) manages the finances of the association and keeps accounting records in accordance with generally binding legal regulations; submits an annual management report including financial statements to the membership meeting.
  7. The Committee shall decide by a majority of the current number of Committee members.
  8. The President and the Vice-Presidents represent Scholastika externally, each of them is entitled to legally represent Scholastika externally and to act in its name and on its behalf independently in all matters of Scholastika.

IX. Board of Members

  1. The supreme body of Scholastika is the Board of Members, consisting of all members of Scholastika.
  2. The Board of members shall meet as needed, but at least once a year.
  3. A quorum for a Board of Members meeting shall be a majority of all members present. If the necessary number of members is not present at the time appointed, the meeting shall be held one hour later with any number of attendees.
  4. The Board of Members shall decide in particular on the following matters:
    a) amending statues,
    b) discussing and approving Scholastika’s budget, Scholastika’s annual report and annual accounts
    financial statements,
    c) evaluating the activities of other Scholastika bodies and their members,
    d) deciding on the dissolution of Scholastika with liquidation or on its transformation,
    e) electing and dismissing members of the Committee,
    f) delegating to the Committee the task of fulfilling the purpose of Scholastika.
  5. The Board of Members shall decide at its meeting by vote. Only organisational members may vote at the meeting; student members may attend with an advisory vote only. The voting right of all Scholastika organisational members is equal. A decision is adopted if a simple majority of the organisational members present at the meeting vote in favour of it. A change in the statutes of Scholastika or its dissolution or conversion shall be decided by a two-thirds majority of all organisational members present at a general meeting.

X. Dissolution of Scholastika

  1. Scholastika ceases to exist::
    a) by voluntary dissolution,
    b) by a merger with another association on the basis of a decision of the Board of Members or
    c) by a court ruling.
  2. If Scholastika is dissolved by voluntary dissolution, the Board of Members shall at the same time decide on the method of property settlement.